Remedies for Life

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Remedies for life are made to share!

     I am often presented with fearful questions from people who worry that an herbal medicine or nutritional supplement might cause adverse affects to their health, when they have sought me out for guidance on what they can use instead of the pharmaceutical medicine they are currently using and suffering ill effects from.

    I witness daily the result of changing from a pharmaceutical to a natural medicine in those who seek my recommendations for restoring optimum health, and to their own amazement they usually improve in spite of their initial speculation about implementing a course of natural medicine and/or supplemental nutritional support. 

     You can be assured that I dedicate a minimum of three months each calendar year to conducting surveys with all of the nutraceutical labs in the USA in order to establish an understanding of and confidence in the efficacy of the products/remedies I may prescribe, and to clarify their formulating tactics for quality assurance and other compliance criteria.

     I have been fortunate to have local university interns conduct the surveys with me each year from Janurary to March to insure we have all necessary data to help me with my prescribing.  This necessity is the result of dope labeling (standardized) of products suited only for consumption but not medicinal purposes, and because pertinent regulations change frequently.

     My opinion is that it is unethical to generate an income from the remedies that I prescribe and therefore I direct clientele to purchase what I prescribe directly from the companies that formulate the remedies; as long as I know they are implementing ethical formulating standards. 

     In California we have Proposition 65 which was developed to protect Californian's from contamination to our drinking water; of course the authorities decided to add food and nutritional sources to the bill and thus SCARE Californian's into thinking their natural remedies coud possibly be contaminated with Mercury and Lead and other such substances. I trust you are seeing the trend there; and this is why I conduct such surveys each year.

     It is my opinion that natural medicine ROCKS!  

     There is no natural medicine, especially plant derived, that is ineffective!  And all synthetic medicines (pharmaceutical) originate from natural medicine but are formulated throughand thus the prototype for pharmaceutical's birthed from. 

     Hypocrates was the Father of Homeopathy and not Allopathc Medicine. This gentle yet assertive physician understood the tactics required to heal maladies within the human biology and thus created Homeopathy which is the medicine of "treating like with like" while imbuing the formula with energetic frequencies.  Some Allopathic Medicine (conventional medicine in America) still follows this philosophy but is a minimal presence at this time in the American Medical Industry.

     I suggest you consider these facts and know that I commit my best intuition to know exactly what your body needs if I am rquired to prescribe a remedy for your repair, recovery and/or general health maintenance.  I always follow your energy's guidance of what will be effective for you in order to heal.

     I believe the human body can heal absolutely anything as long as the mind will surrender its attempts to control the biological operation of balance.  Therefore, I teach others how to take care of themselves so they may thrive in their lives with optimum health and well being, happiness. 

     I can only heal myself, but I can open the door for your body to heal itself if you are willing to take responsibility for your health.  If you are expecting a quick fix with one treatment or a pill then you are better served within the arena of the medical industry of pharmaceuticals and surgery. 


Achey legs or feet while in bed trying to sleep?  Restless Leg Syndrome challenges? Growing pains in legs?

This is my favorite remedy! 

Acquire Ivory Soap cakes/bars; find the original version rather than the recent scented versions.

Take the cake out of the wrapper and place it  at the foot of the mattress; I put them under the bedpad.  Position the cakes so that your feet can touch them while laying in bed.

It is best to change out the cakes every few months, and especially if they start to turn a rusty color (the discoloration that occurs is extracted toxins from your feet or whatever part of your body the inflammation or pain is draining from.)

If you can refrain your skepticism until you try it I know you will be surprised.  And...there are no side-effects or long-term damage risks! It really works!

Another great remedy for quick relief of muscle cramps is a teaspoon full of Mustard, the condiment.  Any brand of Mustard will do.  Swallow 1 tsp when muscle is cramping and it will relieve within 2 minutes.

The best natural remedy I know of to eliminate Bunions:

Castor Oil; medicinal grade or food grade, it doesn't matter.

Castor Oil is comprised of ingredients that address inflammation and congested tissues such as cysts and fibrocystic tissue and tumors as well as callous growth such as bunions and corns and ingrown cuticle around nails.

If you have fungus growth on the tissue over or around the bunion then treat the area, the entire foot if necessary, with Skin Cap first.  Apply the Skin Cap at least 2 x daily until the fungus is totally suffocated and the tissue is dry.   

Once the fungus is dead (it could take many weeks to kill the fungus) then apply a generous amount of Castor Oil to the bunion and surrounding tissue. Rub the oil deeply into the tissue/bunion at least 2 x daily. This will take many months if you are consistent with daily application.  Be patient!

Thanks to Rosemary, I also learned that if you apply the Castor Oil to the inside of a bandaid, on the gauze liner, you can treat the bunion continually throughout the day.  Be sure to secure the bandaid tightly over the bunion once the liner is saturated and replace it with a new bandaid every day.  Rosemay actually expidited the shrinkage of her bunion by using the bandaid all day in addition to rubbing the oil directly into the tissue.

It is worth a try!  What do you have to loose?  A bunion!! 

* This also works well on any type of callous like corns and such.

Salt as a remedy

Salt has received quite a bit of flack over the decades and so I would like you to know of its merits when caring for your biology.

Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt is a terrific remedy for acid indigestion and nausea.  Why do you think pregnant women in their first trimester (providing they struggle with nausea) crave salty foods?  

Salt breaks down acids and binds to Potassium as it travels through the blood chemistry in order to maintain balance.  Yes, salt can cause edema and even elevated heart rate and/or blood pressure in those who struggle with lymph-edema and hyptertension and yet salt can stabilize a low blood pressure episode in an instant.

Drinking 1/8 teaspoon of Sea Salt crystals in 1 quart of drinking water can rehydrate the biology very quickly and can flush the kidneys thoroughly.  I drink salinated water for a few days each quarter for a good flush.  It is actually refreshing once you finish your first cup!

Sucking on a Sea Salt crystal can mitigate nausea and sometimes stabilize light-headedness or dizziness. 

Epsom Salts, of course, are a wonderful remedy and primarily used externally in this century.  Epsom Salts are good for detoxifying and thus a good warm bath with these salts can clean you out through the largest filtration organ; your skin.  These salts also reduce inflammation, pain and fever.

Fungus Remedy for feet and hands

Foot and hand fungus is often hard to resolve and although there are many natural remedies worhty of the fight some just never eliminate it completely.

Apple Cider Vinegar (food grade or not) straight into a footbath tub (do not dilute) can work aggressively on fungus of the tissue and cuticle. Remove nailpolish before you start treatments.

Cover your feet entirely and soak for at least 20 minutes several times each week until it is gone.  It may sting in the first treatment and may eventually cause your skin to peel one layer down but it is the safest yet aggressive approach I know of.  I have witnessed great success with clientele!

Once you feel the tissue has dried out enough from the treatments and feel confident the fungus is gone then you can begin daily hydration of your tissue.  Coconut oil is great for hydrating and works even better if you can coat your feet with it at bedtime and cover them with cotton socks for your zzz time.